Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The boy who came back from heaven

I am a Christian and a nurse. I have worked in neurosurgery for five years in a large trauma hospital. Alex Malarkey should not be alive (this book will tell you that). Alex had hesitations about writing his story; he did not want it to be about him. He wanted his story to be about God. I truly feel that they succeeded in doing this. It is a miracle that Alex survived and I am grateful I was able to read his story. I plan to pass it on and on and on.

Beth Malarkey (Alex’s mom) said this powerful message, “If you ever doubt God is there remember this: He knew the pain we’d be assaulted with. He supplied His hands, His body, His love, and His compassion in the way He knew He could minister to us and sustain us.” She later said “I wish I could take credit for some of this, but I can’t. I can only explain it as Him. I recognize His supernatural strength, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding all the time. I have learned to cling to the Savior.” I have learned much from Alex and his parents. They are an inspiration to many.

If you ever start feeling sorry for yourself, read this book.

If your perfectly healthy kids are driving you crazy, read this book.

If you think your life is hard, read this book.

If you think you can’t handle one more thing, read this book.

If you think God is punishing you, read this book.

If you need to be encouraged, read this book.

In other words…..read this book!

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