Saturday, April 16, 2016


If you are anything like me {a busy mom with active children!}, you do a lot of laundry.  A lot may be the understatement of the year.  In fact our washing machine and dryer are usually working every day of the week!  With 3 boys, a husband, and myself we go through lots of clothing.  Each of my kids play sports, we go to the gym often, and my husband works outside a lot when the weather is warmer.  All of this equals tons and tons of laundry.

All moms need a good arsenal in their laundry room, and I am proud to promote the all new PUREX plus CLOROX 2 Detergent.  The awesome thing about this new detergent is the stain fighting enzymes included in this bottle of magic.  Here are some of the awesome facts about this new detergent:

*It works on 100 stains!!  {wow}
*You can use it on all of your laundry {whites & colors}
*Removes starchy stains {tomato & chocolate}
*Removes protein stains {blood & grass}
*Removes food stains {ketchup & BBQ sauce}

So if you are looking for the smart value in detergent, you don't need to look any further.  Purex plus Clorox 2 is the answer to all of your stain fighting needs!  This detergent is safe for colors and whites, includes stain fighters, and will leave you with bright clean laundry!  Every mom dreams of this!! So put this on your Mother's Day wish list, or just add it to you grocery list and pick some up the next time you shop!!

I've included a couple pictures of the times in our lives when then new Purex plus Clorox 2 would have come in handy with our dirty laundry!

Would you like to win a coupon for a free bottle of Purex plus Clorox 2 detergent with stain fighting enzymes?  Leave a comment on this post telling me how many people you do laundry for each week!  I will pick 2 winners on May 22nd.....  Good luck!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Baby Wren and the Great Gift

Sadly my three boys are getting older and don't like to read kid books as much as they used to.  They enjoy chapter books and graphic novels way more these days.  However I did talk them into reading Baby Wren and the Great Gift!  They agreed that it would be great to pass on to their niece Harley who is one year old!

Baby Wren meets lots of animal friends who invite her to join them on their animal adventures.  Baby Wren comes to the conclusion that she is unable to do all the things the other animals are able to do.  All this is happening until Baby Wren finds out she is able to sing a beautiful song.  This is something none of the other animals can do.  Just like every creation has a special talent, this book encourages us to use it so others can enjoy it!!

This book contains a great life lesson that even a one year old adorable little girl can use.  Baby Wren is an adorable character who teaches a great lesson!

*I received this book in exchange for my review.  Opinions are mine.*