Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Purex PLUS OXI is da bomb!

***Contest has ended!!  Randi & 1porkchop have been contacted by e-mail.  Thanks for entering!!***

Have you seen the new Purex PLUS OXI in the stores yet?  Well, I am here to tell you this stuff is amazing.  I am so excited to tell you about this detergent and give you a chance to win a free coupon for a bottle to try out in your home. 

This year my sixth grade boy made the travel basketball team.  He was beyond thrilled to be a part of the team.  It meant he got a whole uniform complete with jersey, shorts, pants, shoes, practice shirt, and a sweatshirt!!  I was not thrilled when I saw how much of his uniform was white.  I never buy anything white.  I am sure any mom with 3 boys can relate to this.  Or any person with kids for that matter!  So I decided to give the Purex PLUS OXI a try on my sons newly stained (from greasy pizza in between games, of course) uniform.  And I was so happy with the results.  The stains came out and it stayed white.  A big win for us all.  Except for at the basketball games.  We've had a rough start....his team is 0-6.  But we are having lots of fun, and his uniform is still white!!

Purex PLUS OXI works on over 101 different stains.  (I didn't know there were that many stains around)  There are three different stain-fighting enzymes in each bottle to work against the different types of stains.  You can use this as a pretreater on stains also by just rubbing a little bit on the stain and letting it sit for five minutes.  One less bottle to buy in the laundry aisle.  A win for everyone!!

Now for the fun part!!  I am a PUREX INSIDER and am giving away TWO COUPONS FOR A FREE BOTTLE OF PUREX PLUS OXI (maximum value $6.00).  I will pick two winners and mail them each one coupon!  To enter, just leave a comment saying what item of clothing in your house could use some Purex PLUS OXI.  This contest ends DECEMBER 7th at midnight.  I will contact winners by email, so please leave a way to get in touch!