Monday, June 20, 2011

When Sparrows Fall

I am so happy to be reviewing Meg Moseley's debut novel! How exciting for her to be a newly published author. Here's what I found out about this gal:

*She has homeschooled for more than 20 years!
*She enjoys reading and traveling.
*She likes to take motorcycle rides with her husband.

So we have two of the three in common. I have never homeschooled a day in my life. If you met my 3 boys, you would know why. I am definitely not teacher material!

This novel is a story about a widow and her children who are trying to escape from the grips of a very controlling church. After her husband's death the main character, Miranda, decides it is time to make a clean break from the church she attended with her husband. She must also come to grips with a secret she and her husband had been keeping for years. The hero of the story is her former husband's half brother who comes in to rescue Miranda and her children. As the story unfolds, Miranda must embrace her past, the truth, and the grace of God which is sometimes difficult to do, even in the best of circumstances. This story of healing and love will become an example to many!

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