Saturday, September 10, 2011

One Call Away

You only see a person’s front porch! You don’t see the living room, bathroom, or bedroom. If you saw the whole house, you probably wouldn’t want it! How often have I looked at another person’s life and wished I could have it. I think they are so much prettier, or smarter, or well-off financially, or their kids are better behaved, or they have never have to worry about their weight.

As an outsider looking in, you would think Brenda Warner has it all together. She has an amazing husband, kids, house, and life. And while it may look like that to the average person, after reading this book, I quickly realized she is just like you. And me. She has had struggles, insecurities, doubts, and things thrown in her face just like me. She has had to work hard to get where she is today just like me. She has had to rely on God when nothing seems to be working out just like me. Only she has had to do all this under the scrutiny of the public eye because her husband, Kurt Warner, is pretty much a national football icon. Brenda is honest and open about some of her choices she made in the past and regrets she still has to this day. One thing I did learn is that relationships are hard to maintain (especially after your family becomes famous), but should be a priority! We are not made to do life a lone, and having key people in your life to rely on is so important.

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