Sunday, June 5, 2016

HOPE HEALS *review*

On any given day I can start to feel sorry for myself.  My life, family, job, circumstances, the internet, basically just life in general can spin me into a tizzy very quickly.  It can be something minor, or something big....and I can let it ruin my day very quickly.  Then I drag others around me (most likely my boys or husband) down into the tizzy-ness that I'm in.

So after reading this book, I really have nothing (NOTHING) to complain about.  Katherine Wolf suffered a brain stem stroke (she should not be alive right now) in her early 20s shortly after giving birth to her first son.  This book starts at the beginning of how she met her husband and goes to the present.  It has a happy ending because they give all the glory to God.  She is alive for a purpose.  His purpose.  They have been able to speak hope into the lives of those that are feeling hopeless.  What a journey they have been on.  What a story they have to tell.  I love that there is hope to cling to and that their hope is everlasting!

"We know all too well that no single one of us knows what tomorrow holds or even what the night holds, for that matter.  It is unnatural, against every animal instinct in us, to release ourselves into that reality; but God calls us there - to that place of surrender where He invites us to rest, secure in arms more capable and more loving than our own." ~Hope Heals pg. 231

I received this book in exchange for my review.  Opinions are solely mine.

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