Saturday, April 9, 2011

Life, In Spite of Me

I am so excited to share a review of this book. After reading this, you will be inspired. I love the author's brutal honesty about life and choices. Kristen is amazing young woman and an inspiration to many. She has included a letter to anyone contemplating suicide in each chapter of the book. I have worked with teens in our church youth group for years and would recommend this book to be required reading for anyone working with teens. Suicide is often swept under the rug in teen circles today, and this book helps bring to light the struggles and depression that many teens face and have no idea how to start dealing with their issues.

Writing a book like this takes strength and courage, and I am thankful Kristen has been courageous enough to share her story with the world! You will be blessed and inspired (just like I was) after finishing this book.

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