Saturday, May 14, 2011

Love Food & Live Well by Chantel Hobbs

This is the first of Chantel Hobbs' books that I have read. I was very excited to read all about her journey to a new healthy lifestyle. Getting healthy, eating healthier, and starting an exercise regime has been on my to-do list for a long time now. I have 3 grade school kids, and I feel like now I can finally start to focus on myself now that my kids don't need constant attention! I have been looking into ways to eat less and moving more (I know it sounds like such a simple concept, but actually putting it into practice is a totally different story!), and also making what I eat (each and every bite) count.

Chantel shares some of her darkest moments she had when she was overweight and how God opened up here eyes and she became aware of just how unhealthy her lifestyle was. She did a complete turn around and is now dedicated to sharing her story by writing books and speaking to people. I love how she describes her walking partner..."He doesn't complain, we talk about what's going on in my life, He gives me awesome encouragement, I could walk with Him forever, when I'm done, I feel like a new creation". The partner she is talking about is God, the greatest Partner and Companion of all time. He wants to start this journey to health with you and be there to see it come to completion. What an awesome concept to grasp. God created each of us and cares about us more than anyone. He never disappoints, He never fails, He always loves!

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