Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fair Trade Coffee

I am definitely a coffee kind of girl. I love love love my Keurig. And I love love love Green Mountain coffee K-cups!

Through October 31, 2011, Green Mountain Coffe is offering you the chance to save $2 on all Fair Trade Certified Coffees. This offer is good on their K-cup varieties and their bagged coffee. Green Mountain offers the nation's largest selection of Fair Trade Certified coffees.

Here are some of the advantages to buying Fair Trade Certified coffee:
*helping support farming communities
*protecting the environment
*enable sustainable growing practices that result in better coffee
*better working conditions for coffee harvesters
*farmers are paid a fair price for their harvest

WOW! I thought I was just drinking coffee! My all time favorite flavor at Green Mountain is their Pumpkin Spice K-cup variety. This is a limited edition flavor, so if you don't want to miss out, I suggest you order it now!

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