Sunday, September 16, 2012

Oral B Healthy Clean PRECISION 1000

I inherited the bad teeth gene from my parents.  I have two siblings and whenever my mom would take us to the dentist, they would have zero cavities and I would have seventeen.   Okay maybe not that many, but I always had cavities until the dentist ran out of teeth to fill.  Now that I am an adult, my old cavities are falling out and my teeth are starting to crack.  I have had two root canals, two crowns, and an implant.  All this for the girl who flosses every day faithfully!  And I brush three times a day.  And I try to stay away from Laffy Taffy (thats a hard one...especially banana).  I digress.

So when ModernMom offered a toothbrush for me to try out I was way excited.  I love to take care of my teeth and hope they stick around for a long while.  Here is the lowdown on the toothbrush I tried out:

~Oral-B uses clinically proven technology that pulsates to break up plaque and then oscillates & rotates to sweep the plaque away!

~The round brush design (much like what they use at the dentist's office) surrounds each tooth for precise cleaning!

~The brush stops pulsating if you are brushing too hard.  What technology!

All in all, I thought the PRECISION 1000 cleaned my teeth very well.  I loved how it hugged each tooth as I brushed it.  My back teeth have never felt cleaner since I started using this brush.

The one thing I would warn everyone is to make sure their lips are shut before they turn the toothbrush on.  If not, watch out for toothpaste spray!  Also this toothbrush comes with a charger that will need to sit somewhere on your bathroom counter which may be a drawback to some.  I go to the dentist in a couple weeks and cannot wait to see if this cuts down the time they have to scrape the plaque off my teeth.  If so, I will be happy!!

I was provided this toothbrush by ModernMom in exchange for my review.  The opinions are mine.

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