Wednesday, November 10, 2010


~John Wesley

If you are looking for an excellent devotional book, look no further. This is a top notch way to spend a year with God (like the title suggests). This book is jam packed with 365 days of devotions which includes a scripture passage to read and a small story to go with the reading. This would take maybe five minutes to read through each day, then you can spend the other 23 hours and 55 minutes reflecting on what you have read.

The main catagories are:
*Hope and Fear
*Love and Hate
*Perseverance and Quitting
*Faith and Doubt
*Loyalty and Betrayal
*Companionship and Isolation
*Mercy and Judgment
*Forgiveness and Anger
*Joy and Sadness
*Peace and Conflict

The best thing about this book is you can start anywhere and pick and choose from the topics in each category. I am excited about spending A Year With God!

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